Sunday, 24 December 2017

iPhone slowdown: class action against predatory lawyers?

Some people are threatening a class action lawsuit against Apple after the company admitted slowing iPhones down to protect them against sudden shutdown when the battery is weak.

Apple’s biggest mistake was failing to announce this feature to users. For those who want speed at all costs and don’t mind the risk of the phone suddenly shutting down, maybe Apple could provide an off switch for the feature.

The threatened lawsuit is idiotic, notwithstanding Apple’s poor PR.


Because Apple didn’t pour go-slower gunk into your phone ruining it permanently. It is a software fix and a software fix can be turned off.

What actual damage have plaintiffs suffered? Their phone sometimes runs slower instead of shutting off without warning when the battery is below par. That is not actual damage. It is the sort of design trade-off engineers make as a matter of routine.

If there is a case for a class action lawsuit, it is one by Apple shareholders who stand to lose from any gratuitous drop in Apple’s share price arising from an idiotic class action like this.

See the first class action filing here.