Sunday, 14 February 2021

Trump’s New Clothes?

That was remarkable. Trump’s lawyers managed to increase the number of Republicn Senators voting against him. Who knows if they could’ve pulled off the impossible and got him convicted if they kept going.

The Republicans now have a huge problem. The Trump carbuncle is not lanced. No, I don’t mean this Lance Carbuncle.

But what I wonder the effect is on his base, particularly the hundreds facing criminal charges, of his legal team forcefully disavowing them and saying they were not “acting on orders” and were just a bunch of violent criminals. If any were expecting him to pay their legal costs, remember he promised that before and that didn’t happen.

But then again, his legal team also said Trump should be arrested and charged before a criminal court. So maybe they will all meet up sooner than they expect.

Something I have been wondering for a long time. When will his base have their Emperor’s New Clothes moment? If this isn’t it, it’s never going to happen.

Big trouble for the Republicans – he is not barred from office and has a big enough war chest to primary anyone he hates. But probably not big enough to pay legal costs for any of his minions who mistakenly (apparently – wait for him to walk that back) believed they were “acting on orders”.

Absent a sudden implementation of an Australian-style instant runoff voting system (which they have explored in several variants), even a modest split in the Republican vote will hand victory to the Democrats. If Trump doesn’t choke on his junk food habit before then, 2024 will be… interesting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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