Wednesday, 28 January 2004

Apple Beats IBM -- That's Failing?

Now here's a funny argument.

Apple manages to sell a configuration of 1,100 dual-processor machines to Virginia Tech, followed by an upgrade a few months later, and we're told it's not impressive because IBM could have done it.

Wait a minute.

Apple beats IBM at its own game, in one of its most succesful niches, and it's not impressive?

This reminds me of the days when Desmond Tutu, as nobel lareate and Archbishop of Cape Town, was reviled by much of white South Africa, despite his impeccable peace credentials. A story is told of how he secretly met then-president Botha for talks on ending apartheid. Botha's hat blew off onto the middle of a lake. Tutu said, "Allow me," and walked across the water to retrieve the hat.

Next day, the press report was "Tutu can't swim."

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