Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Funny Signs

This blog reminded me of some funny signs I've seen.

I've previously mentioned a restaurant in Ann Arbor called Dinersty.

Another funny one I saw in a restuarant in Stellenbosch, South Africa: Closed For Lunch. I didn't go back in the evening to see if they also closed for dinner. In the same town, at a bookstore, a hagiographic biography of then-president PW Botha was shelved under "Fiction".

Here's one at city ferry stops in Brisbane, Australia: "No unauthorized landing without Council permission". Excuse me? Wouldn't it be "authorized" with "Council permission"? Or maybe you have to explicitly get the council to prohibit you from landing. Then you have their permission to do something "unauthorized"?

In the town of Toowoomba in semi-rural Queensland (these niceties apply in Australia where 80% of the population live in cities and the real rural areas, the outback, have almost no people living there), there's a museum, which proudly proclaims how it used to be a "goal". I think they actually mean a "gaol". Their attempt at making themselves look impressive was a bit of an own gaol?

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