Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Jobs did say iTunes is the Microsoft of the Music World

It's cool that Apple is getting HP to sell iPods.

That reverses something I've complained about in the past, the way Apple let their complete and utter dominance of the entry-level PostScript printer market slip away. I don't know if anyone at Apple reads any of my opinions, but it's good to see they're getting it right this time.

But I really like this bit of the press release:

    “Apple's goal is to get iPods and iTunes into the hands of every music lover around the world, and partnering with HP, an innovative consumer company, is going to help us do just that,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “As the industry balkanizes by offering digital music wrapped in a multitude of incompatible proprietary technologies, consumers will be reassured in getting the same unparalleled digital music solutions from both HP and Apple, two leaders in the digital music era.”

Does this sound like a Microsoft head talking about Apple?

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